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Zedboard: Booting Standalone Application from SD-Card

Suppose, you wrote your C- or C++ standalone application using the Xilinx SDK. Now you want to write it to an SD-card and boot from the SD-card.

Here is how it’s done:

  • Make sure that your board-support package has the FAT File System drivers included:
  • Create the First Level Bootloader (“FSBL”) using a predefined application template:
  • Select the fsbl project and your stand-alone project simultaneously by clicking while holding the CTRL key. Then click on “Xilinx Tools -> Create Boot Image”. The dialog is already filled with the correct settings. Verify it and click “Create Image”:
  • The boot image is now in:
  • Copy it to the SD card.
  • Make sure the boot jumpers are set like this:
  • Plug the SD card and power-cycle the Zedboard. Done!

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