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ZYNQ: Adding a Customization Parameter to Your Custom IP Core

To make an IP core reusable, we will need customization parameters which the user can change.

In this tutorial we learn

  • How to edit an IP core from your top-level project.
  • How to add a parameter to the Verilog code.
  • How to add a customization parameter to the customer-facing GUI.
  • How to update the top-level project.

Edit the IP Core in IP Packager

  • Start using the Blinki project from here
  • Vivado creates a temporary project to edit the IP core. This project will be deleted afterwards.

Modify the Verilog Code

  • We are adding the parameter nbits which defines the number of bits in the prescaler.
  • In Verilog, this is done by using “#” after the module name.
  • Reduce the number of bits and the LED will flash faster. Anything less than 21 will be too fast to perceive.
module myHeartbeat #(parameter nbits = 25)(
    input clk,
    output reg heartbeat = 0
    reg [nbits-1:0]divider = 0;
    always @(posedge clk) begin
        if (divider == 0) begin
            heartbeat <= !heartbeat;
        divider <= divider+1;

Import Parameters into the GUI

  • Looks like you need to click on “Merge changes from Customization Parameters Wizard”. This re-imports the Verilog file and makes the parameter appear under “Customziation Parameters”
  • Hint: Adding it manually by clicking on the “+” sign didn’t work for me.

Re-Package the IP Core

Upgrade the IP Core in the Top-Level Project

Change the Number of Bits

Upload the Bitstream

Follow the instructions here to upload the bitstream.

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